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Welcome to the SOL: LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network


About Us

SOL is a student-fee funded organization that focuses on Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) while providing support through educational programming, student advocacy, and ally building among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and other organizations at Oregon State University.

Our work allows individuals to embrace their full selves without compromising a piece of themselves in the process. Looking at all your identities and acknowledging they all matter at the same time, SOL is who you fully are. While we recognize the intersection of all identities we focus particularly on the intersection of sexuality, gender and race/ethnicity.

The name SOL is a metaphor, not an acronym. “Sol” is the word for sun in languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. Moreover, the sun’s rays are used to make a prominent symbol of the LGBTQ+ community: the rainbow. Like the sun, SOL: LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network is intended to brighten our campus by improving its climate.

SOL Staff

From left to right:

  • Andrè Faria - Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Isabella Arrieta - Student Leadership Liaison
  • Julian Chu - Student Leadership Liaison
  • Hope Trautman - Student Success Peer Facilitator
  • Cori Elam - Student Success Peer Facilitator

Our History


  • 2002: The brainstorming of SOL first started by graduate student Derron Coles.

  • 2003: The first meeting was held and the name of the organization was decided.

  • 2004: SOL gained recognition as an official student organization at OSU.

  • 2006: SOL gained its first funding from Dr. Larry Roper, for student positions, advertising, and general events. Prior to this, all work hours were completed by volunteers and events were paid for through donations.

  • 2008: SOL was still unable to receive funding from Intercultural Student Services. So, Dr. Larry Roper re-allocated funds from his budget to help sustain the student leadership positions

  • 2015: SOL had their first dedicated Graduate Teaching Assistant and Professional Staff to help support the organization

History of SOL’s Name

SOL is a metaphor, not an acronym. SOL was chosen for the following reasons:

  • SOL is the word for sun in languages such as Spanish and Portuguese. Therefore, using sol instead of sun brings the multicultural aspect of the group into play.

  • The sun’s rays are used to make a prominent symbol of the LGBTQ+ community: the rainbow.

  • Often, persons of color do not feel that they are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. We argue that this is not the case because you cannot create a rainbow without a bit of Sol!

  • SOL is pronounced “soul” by english speakers, a term often associated with the African American community from which some of our members originate.

  • Soul is also a term used to describe the intangible energy that connects us to each other and gives us the empathy that causes us to care for others.

  • The sun as well as SOL’s is intended to brighten our campus by improving its climate.

Our Resources

SOL holds office hours in seven Cultural Resource Centers on OSU campus: Pride Center, Lonnie B. Harris Black Center, Centro Cultural César Chávez, Native American Longhouse Eena Haws, Women’s Center, Ettihad Cultural Center and Asian & Pacific Cultural Center.

Other than the resources provided by the centers, SOL also offers:

  • A myriad of on-campus events for QTPOC, their accomplices, allies, and friends.

  • Library containing QTPOC books and films.

  • Professional and respectful staff prepared to serve the community and direct students to other resources on and off campus.

  • A safe, healthy and welcoming space for students to share their experiences, struggles and support each other in their journey at OSU.

  • Assistance to incoming queer and trans students of color in finding resources related to housing, social life and career development at OSU.

Our Location & Hours

SOL’s administrative office is located within the Pride Center, but we hold office hours during the open hours of all seven of the Cultural Resource Centers on campus.