There are several retreats that support social change offered at Oregon State: Racial Aikido, Mixed Beavs, International Student Social Justice Retreat, and Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World. As a partnership between Community Engagement & Leadership (CEL), Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE), Office of Institutional Diversity, and University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS), these traditionally weekend long retreats promote campus dialogue about race and racism. Each of the retreats engage in the active exploration of the concept of race and how race influences our lived experiences and interactions.

Racial Aikido Retreat 

Racial Aikido explores the experiences of Students of Color (SOC) at OSU and beyond. Our focus is on community-building, the recognition of identity and racism, and response and replenishment to these realities. Our goal is to build a supportive network to learn and thrive at OSU and beyond. 

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Stay tuned for updates on Racial Aikido! If you would like to be involved with Racial Aikido, please contact: [email protected].

Mixed Beavs @ OSU

Mixed Beavs is formerly known as the Multiracial Aikido retreat. Past retreats were spaces for participants to unpack the complexity of multiraciality and learn navigational tools to combat racism. For Spring 2022, the retreat experience is being transformed into a learning and community-building opportunity, called Mixed Beavs. The format for this experience is two-fold, the learning journey with self-guided reflections will be in Canvas; and in-person events will take place in May.  

Mixed Beavs is an umbrella term we use to include and uplift the diverse experiences of Multiracial/ethnic, Biracial, Multitribal, Transracial Adoptee, or mixed heritage people.  

Since our founding in 2016, we continue to iterate our offerings that facilitate meaningful engagement and mentorship opportunities allowing students to deepen understanding of mixed heritage identities, as well as their responsibilities as change agents. We believe in creating opportunities for reflection and replenishment as a way to support ourselves and our communities. 

Stay tuned for updates on Mixed Beavs!

International Student Social Justice Retreat

The International Students’ Social Justice Retreat was launched at OSU in February 2016 in the spirit of initiating dialogue on issues of diversity, ethnicity, race, and nationality in the U.S., this retreat helps international students understand the socio-historical American narrative on race and ethnicity, and provides international students with skills to manage and disrupt discrimination based on their perceived identities.

ISSJ will be returning this 2023 year on Friday, April 28th, 12:00 PM - 3:00 PM! Stay tuned for more details!

Examining White Identity

EWI offerings have been designed for White-identified students to deepen their understanding of and commitment to racial justice work and anti-racism practice. In past retreats and online offerings, participants engaged in storytelling, dialogue, embodiment exercises, and more in order to gain strategies and tools for engaging in racial justice conversations, disrupting racism, and identifying next steps on their personal journeys. Together, we explored how anchoring this work to love increases our ability to develop authentic relationships and sustain engagement over the long term. EWI offerings are a part of a movement to grow a community of White-identified students committed to racial justice at OSU.

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Student Affairs is dedicated to principles of equity and social justice, and as such, all of our events and programs are inclusive to all who are committed to transformative learning.


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Examining White Identity  

Examining Power Tools: Building Co/nversations, Co/nnection, and Co/mmunity 

An offering from the Examining White Identity organizing team

Saturday, April 15, 2013, 9am-3:30pm

Corvallis Museum (411 SW 2nd St, Corvallis, OR 97333)

Spend your Saturday making new friends, playing games, and being in meaningful conversations deconstructing communication, power, and dominance with other Oregon State students. This event is meant for white-identified students* who are interested in having fun while learning communication skills that are essential to building the inclusive community we all want to see in the future. This opportunity is a great way to build your skills of self-awareness, reflection, and personal growth in community with other students interested in personal development and community building. Join us to learn and practice conversations and approaches that will support your relationships with friends, family, future coworkers, and beyond.

*Anyone is welcome to this Saturday event AND the organizers think this is most resourcing for white-identified students who want more skills connected to inclusivity, belonging, relationships, and communicating skillfully across difference.

Register here by Wednesday, April 12th 2023.

For any additional accommodations related to disability or other questions regarding this experience please contact the facilitation team at [email protected].