There are several retreats that support social change offered at Oregon State: Racial Aikido, Multiracial Aikido, International Student Social Justice Retreat, and Examining White Identity in a Multicultural World. As a partnership between Community Engagement & Leadership (CEL), Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE), Office of Institutional Diversity, and University Housing & Dining Services (UHDS), these weekend long retreats promote a campus dialogue about race and racism. Each of the retreats engage in the active exploration of the concept of race and how race influences our lived experiences and interactions.


SJR2021 Update: due to COVID-19, we will be transforming our retreats to suit an online format! See below for updates on individual retreats.


Racial Aikido Retreat 

2021 Update: Plans for 2021 RA are still being made.

Racial Aikido seeks to empower students using the principles of aikido to recognize, respond, and replenish. Originally created at the University of Vermont, Racial Aikido acknowledges that certain communities-particularly communities that have experienced historical trauma due to racism may be ill prepared to deal with issues of race and racism as it affects them personally. Racial Aikido promotes tools to maintain a positive self-image and be able to respond to overt and covert racism.

By the conclusion of the retreat, you will have a better understanding of privilege, power and positionality, in-group and internalized oppression, identity development models, and be more self-aware of your multiple identities. You'll learn by active participation just how to recognize racism, respond to racism in a self-affirming and positive manner that is appropriate for the situation, and replenish by taking care of your needs in order to maintain a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

Multiracial Aikido 

2021 Update: MRA2021 will occur in a remote format through January 8th - 10th! See below for more details.

Multiracial Aikido (MRA) is founded on the principles and history of the Racial Aikido retreat.  MRA explores systems of racial oppression and centers experiences of multiracial, multiethnic, transracial, and mixed heritage individuals.  

We offer a supportive learning environment for participants to unpack racial and ethnic identity through storytelling and to build a community of peers and mentors who support their growth. We hope that by the end of the retreat participants will have found commonality in their various experiences and identify tools to navigate, heal, and make meaning as racialized beings in a U.S. context.

International Student Social Justice Retreat

2021 Update: Plans for 2021 ISSJ are still being finalized; it may not necessarily be Week 1 of January, but we hope to still provide virtual opportunities to connect!

The International Students’ Social Justice Retreat was launched at OSU in February 2016 in the spirit of initiating dialogue on issues of diversity, ethnicity, race, and nationality in the U.S., this retreat helps international students understand the socio-historical American narrative on race and ethnicity, and provides international students with skills to manage and disrupt discrimination based on their perceived identities.

Examining White Identity

2021 Update: Plans for 2021 EWI are still being made. We will not be offering a January remote retreat in 2021. Updates on our remote offering for 2021 will be provided in early 2021. Stay tuned and check back for updates.

The Examining White Identity (EWI) retreat creates a supportive learning environment for participants to examine their racial socialization, systems of racial oppression, and strategies and approaches for engaging in racial justice work as white people. We provide students with the space to practice skills in critical self-reflection, building community and coalition among diverse communities, and participating in anti-racist work.

Student Affairs is dedicated to principles of equity and social justice, and as such, all of our events and programs are inclusive to all who are committed to transformative learning.


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  • Multiracial Aikido: January 8th to January 10th, 2021
    • Application live!
    • Deadline to submit: December 6th, or until retreat capacity has been reached.
    • 12/17/20 update: applications are still being accepted on a rolling basis!
  • Examining White Identity: TBA
  • Racial Aikido: TBA
  • International Student Social Justice: TBA


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