Diversity & Cultural Engagement is a hub for students to co-design equity-centered opportunities to engage in identity development and explorations, to elevate their sense of mattering, and to advocate for community(ies) needs.

To contextualize our mission:
  • As a hub we’re a resource and not the resource, and the work takes a collective effort across campus.
  • To design is to be generative, intentional, and to recognize the need.
  • Opportunities are found in physical spaces and programs. This is where identity affirming community and belonging happens.
  • Feeling mattered should be beyond a designated space. Mattering is anywhere and everywhere through interdependent ways. Feeling mattered in different spaces in different ways.
  • Cultural engagement is both self-reflection (inner work) and collective action (outer work).  As a collective we can elevate one’s voice for the greater good.



We envision a campus where possibilities are transformed into realities, where curiosities have no end, and where we are the designers of our future.

To contextualize our vision:
  • The Cultural Resource Centers were once an idea. Then a possibility. And now a reality.
  • Curiosity incites learning. Growth. Change. Repeat.
  • The future is not a linear path. Problems arise in all aspects of life. Designers seek to do better and design a better way.




  • Students will experience a sense of interdependence within and across communities
  • Students will co-design spaces and programs for generative curiosities and inquiries
    • Aligns with 2024 SEE Goal: Social change as our compass & Innovation creates more possibilities
  • Students will learn and develop wayfinding skills towards being future ready


As a result of focus groups with student staff members, DCE identified the following six focus areas of our work:

  • Academic Success 

  • Community & Sense of Belonging 

  • Identity Development 

  • Leadership 

  • Social Justice 

  • Well Being 

Our physical spaces and the programs we create all contribute to these focus areas. Through collaboration with campus resources, we are committed to enhancing our support of students in each area.


306 Student Experience Center
2251 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331
(541) 737–9030

Operating Hours
Monday - Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM