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Remote Engagement Opportunities to Revisit!

Below you’ll find some podcasts, videos and creative works produced by both the student staff of DCE and the broader OSU community. Feel free to view them, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on them through our social media sites!

If you're interested in creating community remotely, check out the Presence Free Engagement Options document.

The thoughts, ideas, and views discussed in these digital media are from the personal experiences and stories of students and do not represent Diversity & Cultural Engagement at Oregon State University.

Making Waves is a podcast that illuminates the unique perspectives of Asian & Pacific Islander students here at Oregon State University. We facilitate dialogue surrounding culture and diversity for students of color navigating campus. This podcast is a collaborative project between the Asian & Pacific Cultural Center and KBVR - 88.7fm, and was recently awarded the 2019 Best Podcast Pinnacle by the College Media Association.

4 La Cultura is a podcast focusing on social justice topics ranging from issues of culture, heritage, history, identity, and self-expression run by student staff from the Centro Cultural César Chávez at Oregon State University

Still We Persist is a webcast series hosted by Sienna Kaske (she/they), AYA Leadership Liaison, & Tamara Lash (she/her) AYA Graduate Assistant. In this webcast we navigate conversations around topics that are pertinent to us as Womxn of Color. Join us for our journey.

Season 1

Season 2

SOL is the LGBTQ+ Multicultural Support Network at Oregon State University, a student initiative that works from the Pride Center. In this podcast we cover topics such as gender and sexuality, queer culture, things we like, and our experiences as queer and trans Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (QTBIPOC).

#APIThoughtsOn is a video series created to amplify the voices within the Asian & Pacific Islander community at Oregon State University. The series aims to acknowledge various topics - from immigration to representation to the nation's current political climate - through the art of visual storytelling in a genuine, personable way.

Mujeres Poderosas is a two part series composing of videos and Instagram posts (#ccccmujerespoderosas) highlighting both influential Latinas throughout history and Latina professional and academic faculty at Oregon State University’s Corvallis Campus. As part of Womxn Herstory Month 2019, the video series aimed to share the stories of Latina faculty on campus and introduce/connect students to Latinas who serve students on campus. 

A Drop A Day video series is about self-care and exploring what it means to take care of our mental, physical, and emotional health. We are looking forward to sharing our discoveries about self-care with you, as well as featuring some incredible folks from our community. 

This is a collaboration between Diversity & Cultural Engagement, Recreational Sports, and Counseling and Psychological Services.

The API Anthology project at Oregon State University aims to create a platform for members of Asian & Pacific Islander communities to tell their stories and share their thoughts on current events through various mediums in a more personal way. We hope that providing this opportunity will aid in the self-expressions of those in the community and inadvertently lead to the critical analyses of the intersectional identities within our communities.

Our Stories: Immigrants in America are photographic essays depicting lives of immigrants in America. A project by Oregon based photographer/artist Melissa "Mimi" Nolledo with contributions from the Oregon State University community. 

#FilipinxofOSU features insights and perspectives of students at OSU who identify as Filipino/Filipina/Filipinx.

#KhmerofOSU highlights the stories and perspectives of students at OSU who identify as Khmer, or Cambodian American.

Paper Cloud, an art and writing zine by the Oregon State University Pride Center student staff and community.

AYA WoC Creatives: In the Spring of 2019, Dr. Natchee Barnd’s Building Alliances & Solidarities (ES 270) class worked with AYA to create a platform to elevate the voices of WoC and our allies. WoC Creatives is a result of that collaboration. Launched Fall 2020, WoC Creative showcases Still We Persist AYA’s webcast as well as art and prose submissions. Currently, the blog posts highlighted on the site are from the initial ES 270 course. In the coming weeks WoC Creatives will be updated with prose, poetry, and art from students in Dr. Barnd’s Race, Space, and Difference (ES355). We invite you to read through their work, look at the art, and/or watch an episode of Still, We Persist. If you feel called please share your art with us and we will highlight it on WoC Creatives.

Student Experiences & Engagement

DCE is a department within Student Experiences & Engagement (SEE), which also includes Community Engagement & Leadership, the Craft Center, and Experiential Learning & Activities.