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Being an OSU student means more than going to class. It also means cultivating the skills you need to change the world. Diversity & Cultural Engagement is your platform for collaborating to build an inclusive, just community. Enriched by differences, our programs and initiatives empower students to develop multiple perspectives and foster self-awareness.

We strive to swim against the current to challenge societal norms–where needed conversations are often uncomfortable–embracing creativity and critical thinking along the way. At DCE, we collectively transform ourselves to make a better world. 

Learn more by visiting a Cultural Resource Center listed below or visit our central office in the Student Experience Center, Suite 306.

Cultural Resource Centers

Featured Stories & Highlights

DAM Proud Day 2021

About 50 years ago, a group of students from the Black Student Union, Native American Student Association and Chicano Student Union formed the Cultural Center Student Committee to propose a shared cultural center. Soon after, the Native American Longhouse Eena Haws was established as the first standalone Cultural Resource Center at Oregon State University. Driven by student activism and the continued support from OSU community members like you, we have expanded to a total of seven Cultural Resource Centers (CRCs). Four CRCs were rebuilt from the ground up within the last eight years.   

We are the pride and joy of OSU as we aspire to sustain an inclusive community, where all students can fully engage their gifts and talents, and where we dream of a more just future. We are excited to do work that matters and we invite you to join us in reaching our limitless potential!

To learn more, please visit: https://www.damproudday.org/organizations/diversity-cultural-engagement

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