Our Programs & Initiatives

Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) is a hub for out-of-classroom engagement to build community and support students' abilities to change the world. Our programs and initiatives seek out to enhance the student experience through:

  • Student engagement
  • Transformative learning
  • Positive social change
  • Academic success
  • Identity development

We bridge differences and build community through a variety of programs and initiatives.



Kalmekak Community Outreach provides and facilitates programs for pre-college students and families to promote a culturally diverse community and develop an understanding of higher education institutions. Additionally, Kalmekak supports and provides new students with resources to pursue their educational endeavors. Through culturally competent, educational, and informational orientations our mission is to promote an inclusive community.

Some programs & events led by Kalmekak includes:

  • Festivalito
  • Kalmekak Kick-Off
  • Mexican Revolution
  • Agents of Change Through Law


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To facilitate long lasting and dynamic support for Womxn of Color in all endeavors through facilitating interconnectedness within OSU and Corvallis communities and welcoming all people into spaces that allow for learning, growth, and healing.

Multiracial Beavers

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Multiracial Beavers is a network for multiracial, biracial, and mixed heritage students. Students connect, share resources, and meet faculty/staff who can contribute to their academic success.


SOL is a student-fee funded organization that focuses on Queer and Trans People of Color (QTPOC) while providing support through educational programming, student advocacy, and ally building among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and other organizations at Oregon State University.

Social Justice Retreats



DCE partners with groups across campus to offer weekend-long retreats to promote campus dialogue about race and racism. The retreats engage in the active exploration of the concept of race and how race impacts our lived experiences and interactions.  

Retreats that we offer are:

Global Beavers Team



GBT contributes to the development of an intentional and comprehensive student-led plan of engagement that supports and enhances the Global Diversity efforts at OSU.

As the functional arm of Global Diversity Initiatives, Global Beavers Team has five operational goals:

  • Acknowledge global diversity at OSU and recognize each unique segment of our population
  • Celebrate the richness of culture/knowledge
  • Educate the campus about this diversity
  • Bridge the integration gap between domestic and international students
  • Debunk the myth that domestic students cannot be globally conscious. Foster an ownership of the planet that applies to all students.