Our Cultural Resource Center (CRC) facilities provide community, celebration, and traditions that encourage students to become dynamic role models with innovative approaches to create social change. These spaces also provide a venue for functions that educate students and members of the community about the CRC facilities designated culture, and provide leadership development through these events and activities. 

Due to the importance of the CRC spaces as sites for transformational learning and community building, we require that all reservations align with our mission. When considering hosting an event in one of our centers, please read all of our policies closely to make sure we're the right space for your event. We will evaluate reservation requests alignment using the following criteria:

  • Contribute to an inclusive campus, shared sense of community, and dialog within and across identity groups
  • Promote skill-building and/or address needs of members of underserved communities
  • Engage event in transformative learning about identity, experiences of marginalized groups, and/or social justice
  • Engage self-analysis of systems of differences, power, and oppression
  • Move participants from dialog and knowledge-building toward addressing inequities and promoting positive social change

If you are wanting to submit a Tour or Tabling Request: please use this form instead.

Please note that reservations may take up to seven business days to be approved. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive approval from the center requested.

CRC Space Overview


Please note that "Maximum Capacity" numbers are set by fire safety codes and cannot be exceeded.

  • Please also note that maximum capacity may provide additional challenges for your guests, in regards to accessibility of the space. All event needs will be evaluated at the discretion of center staff.


Use of the Pride Center and the Hattie Redmond Women & Gender Center spaces for non-DCE events is limited. Please direct any inquiries to the following: 

Space Layouts & Configurations

https://dce.oregonstate.edu/sites/dce.oregonstate.edu/files/banquet_setup.jpg    https://dce.oregonstate.edu/sites/dce.oregonstate.edu/files/circle_of_chairs_setup.jpg     https://dce.oregonstate.edu/sites/dce.oregonstate.edu/files/classroom_setup.jpg


https://dce.oregonstate.edu/sites/dce.oregonstate.edu/files/u-shape_setup.jpg    https://dce.oregonstate.edu/sites/dce.oregonstate.edu/files/theater-lecture_setup.jpg    https://dce.oregonstate.edu/sites/dce.oregonstate.edu/files/hollow_square_setup.jpg

Frequently Asked Questions

Any student organizations, faculty/staff, university departments/units, or external groups may reserve space.

  • Student organizations and student-fee funded units generally will not incur a charge for the reservation.
  • Non student-fee funded units and external groups may be charged - please review our fee structure in the Policy Guide.
  • Reservations may be made for the current term only.  Reservations for the following academic term become available three weeks prior to the start of the term. 
  • If you are seeking use of CRC space for a regional/national conference reservation, confirmation can be provided one year in advance. 
  • All other reservations needing advanced approval will be reviewed on a case by case basis in consultation with Center Directors. 

Please note that requests for reservations may take up to one business week for approval. 

Please review the Policy Document for the full breakdown. In general:

  • Academic Year:  Monday – Thursday (10AM-7PM), Friday (10AM-5PM)  
  • Summer Hours:  Monday –Thursday (1PM-5PM)
  • Weekday reservations for events taking place outside CRC Normal Hours of Operation may not begin earlier than 8AM and must conclude by 11PM.
  • Weekend reservations events may not begin earlier than 9AM and must conclude by 11PM.


No Reservations will be taken or made Finals week through Break of each Quarter

* Please double check hours with the specific CRC in case of any temporary changes to the normal hours of operations *

Required Legal Waiver Documents

Acknowledgement of Group Risk and Waiver of Liability form (OSU's Risk Management office)


Please note that reservations may take up to seven business days to be approved. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive approval from the center requested.

After reading through our reservation policy, click here to reserve a CRC

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