Charlene Martinez

DCE Associate Director of Integrated Learning
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Office: 541-737-7298

Student Experience Center

Student Experience Center

Student Experience Center (SEC) 2251 SW Jefferson Way

Student Experience Center (SEC)
2251 SW Jefferson Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Personal Interests: 

Charlene is passionate about the power of courageous conversations, story-telling, and art as vehicles for critical dialogue and social change. Her idea of social justice is rooted in a philosophy of love and liberation. 

I change myself, I change the world. – Gloria Anzaldua


Charlene Martinez is an Asian-Latina American educator, mother, and cultural worker.  She serves as the associate director of Integrated Learning for Social Change and is affiliated with the School of Language, Culture, and Society.  Her current work includes developing transformative learning programs which integrate arts and social justice education, civic professionalism, and leadership development pedagogies. Principal programs include Multiracial Beavers, Women of Color Initiatives, arts and social justice learning communities, and the PROMISE internship program. She received her Masters of Arts in Education with an emphasis in multicultural counseling from the Community-Based Block Program at San Diego State University, and her Bachelors of Arts in Global Studies with an emphasis in culture and ideology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  Charlene’s professional experiences include work in cross/multi-cultural centers, and student life programs at Sacramento State, Mills College, Contra Costa College, UC San Diego, as well as a non-profit, the Rockwood Leadership Program. She believes in the power of storytelling, art, and imagining new realities to shift culture and change the world.