Global Beavers Team

GBT contributes to the development of an intentional and comprehensive student-led plan of engagement that supports and enhances the Global Diversity efforts at OSU. GBT is in its second year of operations and is a membership based program—our numbers grew to 380 students in one year with 48% domestic and 52% international student members. As the functional arm of GDI, Global Beavers Team has five operational goals:

  • Acknowledge global diversity at OSU and recognize each unique segment of our population
  • Celebrate the richness of culture/knowledge
  • Educate the campus about this diversity
  • Bridge the integration gap between domestic and international students
  • Debunk the myth that domestic students cannot be globally conscious. Foster an ownership of the planet that applies to all students.

The GBT Leaders

Four student leaders with exceptional passion and commitment for cross-cultural communication are selected to serve the GBT. This year, the team includes:

  • Araceli
  • Danny
  • Wendy
  • Adam

GBT can be reached at [email protected]

Meet the team!


My name is Araceli, I am a second year in the College of Business. I am studying Design & Innovation Management with a minor in Digital Communications. My hometown is Hillsboro Oregon. I enjoy photography and fashion design and am always looking for ways to expand my work.

I joined the Global Beavers Team because I wanted to be a part of a community that promotes inclusion and diversity. Working alongside my team, I hope to provide a welcoming space for everyone.


I’m a sophomore student majoring in Construction Engineering. I grew up in Saigon (Viet Nam), went to high school there and finally end up pursing my college degree at OSU. I love playing basketball and eating doughnuts, but who does not, right? Hopefully I’ll catch you guys in school or at our events. Come to see us and we guarantee you would have a good laugh!

It does not matter which color skin you carry or what type of hair you have. When it comes down to people versus people, we are together. My job is to deliver this message throughout campus. I represent the engagement we have in our society as well as connect people from different backgrounds, different races.


My name is Wenqing and I go by Wendy. I’m currently a junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Theater Arts. I grew up in Canton, China. I joined GBT because I hope to promote diversity and celebrate every unique culture. I believe that the world is a stage and that all the people in the world are all connected. I was a teaching assistant for ECE courses and currently am an SI Leader at the academic success center. I enjoy hiking, traveling and exploring the world. I’m also involved in several theater productions.


My name is Adam Balayah and I’m currently majoring in Finance. I was born in the U.S but grew up in Sharjah, a city next to Dubai, UAE. I grew up with friends from all types of backgrounds and very interesting stories. I learned that “there isn't anyone you couldn't learn to love once you've heard their story”. I joined GBT because I hope to increase intercultural knowledge on campus and to close the gap between what we think of other cultures and the reality of that culture. I enjoy climbing, traveling, reading, and coding. I hope our work here at the GBT increases campus awareness of other cultures and creates a welcoming space for everyone.