The DCE Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a group made up of students, staff, and community members that play a vital role in advancing DCE's programs, budgets, and priorities for the upcoming year. Student Fees are our unit's primary source of funding, and it is important to ensure that we are utilizing those funds in direct service to students. Board members carefully evaluate past usage of fees, determine current student needs, and advocate for any budgetary changes through an annual presentation for the ASOSU Student Fee Committee.

Diversity & Cultural Engagement currently operates on a fee level of $32.33 per student, for Fiscal Year 19. This fee enables us to provide high impact learning experiences and leadership opportunities that increase social and academic success of our underserved students. Student fees additionally enable us to employ ~90 students in several key positions, as well put on programs and activities that serve to raise awareness, build communities, develop identities, and increase students' wellbeing. Our programs from the 2017 - 2018 academic year, brought in over 13,014 community members in estimated attendance.

For more information on overall Student Fee Budget Allocations, please see the following ASOSU statement of summary (PDF).

Additionally, this Student Fee Committee Canvas page allows for the students to know directly what their fees are paying for, how much they are paying, and what they have access to during remote learning. There is additional functions for students to see FAQ’s from their peers, ask additional questions, and get directed to additional resources the University is offering at this time.


2018 - 2019 Academic Year Board Members

Student Fee Committee Liaison

Khawater Hussein

Board Chair

Safi Ahmad

Board Members

Erica Mercier - Human Services Resource Center

Jared Bierbrauer - Orange Media Network

Kobe Natachu - NAL Eena Haws

Robert Main - Dixon Recreational Sports

Rebecca Lambert - Ph.D. Student, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Joining DCE's Student Advisory Board

If you are interested in guiding DCE's future, please email a statement of interest to dce@oregonstate.edu. Please include details such as why you are interested in joining, any prior student government experience, budgeting experiences, and/or any involvement opportunities you have been a part of on-campus (student organizations, volunteering, event participation etc.).

Meeting Schedule

DCE's Student Advisory Board meetings have concluded for the term.

DCE's tentative budget proposal of $33.46 for Fall, Winter, Spring and $9.06 for Summer has been approved.

We will reconvene on January 16th for the open Joint Congress hearing.


DCE's SAB by-laws may be viewed in it's entirety through this link. By-laws detail our board's operational & organizational structure as well as membership eligibility.

DCE Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes from prior Board hearings may be viewed here.