Welcome to Diversity
& Cultural Engagement

Bridging differences & building community.

Being an OSU student means more than going to class. It also means cultivating the skills you need to change the world. Diversity & Cultural Engagement is your platform for collaborating to build an inclusive, just community. Enriched by differences, our programs and initiatives empower students to develop multiple perspectives and foster self-awareness.

We strive to swim against the current to challenge societal norms–where needed conversations are often uncomfortable–embracing creativity and critical thinking along the way. At DCE, we collectively transform ourselves to make a better world. 

Learn more by visiting a Cultural Resource Center listed below or visit our central office in the Student Experience Center, Suite 306.

Cultural Resource Centers


Greetings from Diversity & Cultural Engagement! 

Welcome to Oregon State University, we are so glad that you’re here!! We look forward to connecting with you and building community together this year and we are excited to invite you to our community welcome events; see the flyer and list below!

At Diversity & Cultural Engagement, we envision a campus where possibilities are transformed into realities, where curiosities have no end, and where we are the designers of our future.  Our Cultural Resource Centers, as well as our programs and initiatives serve as hubs for students to co-design equity-centered opportunities to engage in identity development and exploration, to elevate their sense of mattering, and to advocate for community(ies) needs. We hope you will join us in sharing your hopes, cultural traditions, intellectual passions, ideas, curiosities, and successes. We also hope you’ll find us when you need support, have a problem to work through, or just need someone to listen to you. 

Be sure to check out our Diversity & Cultural Engagement Social Media site to follow and engage with us via social media.    

Fall 2023 Welcome Events