Pride Center Staff 2013-2014

Pride Center staff sitting happily together on front step


Girl standing in explosive excited stance outside of big pink door

Kiah McConnell
Internal Coordinator
Smiling man leans against outer doorframe, arms crossed

Luke Kawasaki
External Coordinator
Brown haired girl smiling with hands in pockets outside of pride center

Aisha Young
Community Outreach Coordinator
Beautiful brown haired girl in yellow dress stands outside of pride center, one hand on her beautiful hip

Sarah Borycki
Publications Coordinator
Mari Noriega leaning against porch railing smiling
Mari Noriega
Graphic Designer
Girl smiling and posing on porch steps

Megan Ham
Activities Coordinator
Boy sitting on porch railing with hand in hair

George Meleleu
Activities Coordinator

Man standing on porch steps smiling, black shirt, one hand in pocket

Matthew Ngo
Office Assistant
Girl smiling sitting on porch railing holding beam

Kathleen Knight
Office Assistant
Blonde girl smiling in front of flowers, crossing arms

Katie Wicks
Office Assistant

brown haired woman in boots and scarf ensemble standing on steps

Kali Furman

Pride Center GTA (Graduate Teaching Assistant)