Our Programs & Initiatives

Diversity & Cultural Engagement (DCE) is a hub for out-of-classroom engagement to build community and support student abilities to change the world. Our programs and initiatives seek out to enhance the student experience through:

  • Student engagement
  • Transformative learning
  • Positive social change
  • Academic success
  • Identity development

We bridge differences and build community through a variety of programs and initiatives.

PROMISE Internship Program

The PROMISE program is an eight-week paid internship which provides opportunities in state, local government agencies, and university programs for Oregon State University undergraduate students. The program focuses on providing pathways for historically underrepresented students to professional careers. Historically underrepresented students may include, but is not limited to: first generation college student, low-income, LGBTQ+, students of color, veterans, transfer students, students with disabilities, etc… 

Get Involved with PROMISE

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Social Justice Retreats

DCE partners with groups across campus to offer weekend long retreats to promote campus dialogued about race and racism. The retreats engage in the active exploration of the concept of race and how race impacts our lived experiences and interactions.  

Retreats that we offer are:

Global Diversity Initiatives

Serves as a bridge between student affairs and other administrative units that serve minority students. The program particularly focuses on supporting international students and helps advance global citizenship among domestic students.

  • International Student Community Team
  • Global Forums
  • Cultural Competency Training
  • International Student Social Justice Retreat
  • Clinton Global Initiative
  • OSU Language Club
  • International Peer Mentoring Program

Arts + Social Justice Living Learning Community

The Arts + Social Justice Living Learning Community creates a space where residents explore social justice issues through art and creative expression. Aligned with the mission of the US Department of Arts and Culture, a people-powered national action network, we incite creativity in the service of empathy, equity, and social imagination.

The community is designed for students of all majors who desire to engage in meaningful conversations about immigrant, Trans*, Queer, people of color, women, ability, gender identity, class, indigenous, and religious communities, issues, and social movements through art. The community is open to all students, inclusive of all backgrounds and identities who are interested in these topics.

Men's Development & Engagement

This initiative provides opportunities focused on engaging Oregon State's men in discussion of gender, exploring topics of masculinity in our community, and developing healthy masculine identities.

MDE Programs



Kalmekak Community Outreach provides and facilitates programs for pre-college students and families to promote a culturally diverse community and develop an understanding of higher education institutions. Additionally, Kalmekak supports and provides new students with resources to pursue their educational endeavors. Through culturally competent, educational, and informational orientations our mission is to promote an inclusive community.

Some programs & events led by Kalmekak includes:

  • Festivalito
  • Kalmekak Kick-Off
  • Mexican Revolution
  • Agents of Change Through Law