Where is the Pride Center located?

The Pride Center is located at 1553 SW 'A' Avenue on the South Eastern edge of campus. 

What are the hours that the Pride Center is open?

During the academic year, our hours of operation are: 
Monday – Thursday 10:00am-7:00pm & Friday 10:00am-5:00pm

During summer term, our hours of operation are: Monday – Thursday 11:00am-3:00pm

Who works at the Pride Center?

The Pride Center is completely student run!

View our staff page for more information. http://oregonstate.edu/pridecenter/staff

Which department oversees the Pride Center?

The Pride Center functions as branch of the Intercultural Student Services Office. You can view their website here. http://oregonstate.edu/dept/iss/

How can I contact the Pride Center?

You can send an email to pride.center@oregonstate.edu, call us at 541.737.9161 or stop by the Center during open hours.

What is the history of the Pride Center?

In the fall of 1999, students within the queer and ally social group, Rainbow Continuum, as well the Queer Affairs Task Force that is part of the Associated Students of Oregon State University, identified a need for a safe space with support services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and allied students.

During winter and spring terms of 2000, students began looking at other models of support and focused on designing a community center for students at OSU.

In November of 2000, Student Involvement identified $7,000 from their budget that could go towards the center, and helped to identify a temporary space in the Women’s Center. Originally the center was to be called the “Queer Cultural Center,” but due to concerns from some students, the name was changed to the “Queer Resource Center.”

Over 300 people attended the Student Fee’s hearing on March 14th, 2001, where Student Involvement presented their budget and people advocated both for and against the new center. The Student Fee’s Committee passed Student Involvement’s budget unanimously - which included the proposal for the Queer Resource Center. By May of 2001 the budget was approved by the President, and the Queer Resource Center was born!

Since the creation of the Queer Resource Center, the Advisory Board and Student Coordinators have been engaged in the process of identifying a permanent space in which to operate. A space was identified on the Southeastern edge of campus, and renovation budget was created and presented to the Student Incidental Fees Committee during fall of 2003. By winter of 2004 the proposal was taken before the Senates for final approval. Arrangements were finalized for our move to coincide with the start of the 2004-2005 school year.

As the Queer Resource Center approached the end of its third year of operation, the Center’s Advisory Board began discussing the possibility of a name change in response to a number of different concerns from staff, faculty, students and community members. From these conversations, the Advisory Board felt the need to find a new name that would be comfortable and welcoming to all members of our community.

The name ‘Pride Community Center’ was tentatively chosen and the Board looked to the community for feedback. As the Board reconvened to examine the responses generated by the proposed name (both pro and con), the Advisory Board passed a motion to change the name of the Queer Resource Center to the Pride Center.


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