Do LGBTQQIA people have children?

Many LGBTQQIA people have children. Some people have children from past relationships, and some LGBTQQIA couples may choose to have children through a variety of methods such as artificial insemination, adoption, and surrogacy. The issue of custody has been a legal problem for many LGBTQQIA people. For example, most states forbid adoption by unmarried couples. Usually only one of the parents can adopt the child, leaving the other with no legal rights. This can create a wide range of problems if the adoptive parent were to die or if the couple were to separate.

Wouldn’t LGBTQQIA parents raise LGBTQQIA children? 

Wouldn’t straight parents raise straight children? It is a myth that queer parents are more likely to raise queer children. However, one argument against queer people raising children is that those children will be more likely to face discrimination and prejudice on behalf of their parents. However, as society changes and LGBTQQIA people become more accepted, these problems will surely diminish. It is also a myth that queer parents are more likely to abuse children. Studies have shown that child molestation is absolutely not synonymous with homosexuality.

Is there an organization for LGBTQQIA people who have children? 

Yes. Please access the Family Pride Coalition website for more information.

Another organization is Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG).  Visit the PFLAG website at  You can search the site for a chapter near you! 

Is there an organization for children of LGBTQQIA parents?

Yes. Please access the COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) website for more information.

What is the current legal status of gay marriage in the state of Oregon?
Gay marriage is a very hotly debated argument, and its legal status seems to change daily. Please check out the website for Basic Rights Oregon for more information.

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