How are LGBTQQIA people discriminated against?

Discrimination can take on several different forms. It can range from employment discrimination, medical services discrimination, mental health discrimination, police harassment, civil rights discrimination etc. Discrimination can be blatant or covert. It can be anything from being denied hospital visitation rights when your partner is ill, to a coworker making “gay jokes” during your lunch break.

What can someone do to report discrimination?

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, you can report the act and get help as it is needed by using the link here:


Here is a list of phone numbers for both emergency and non-emergency situations:

 How can allies help to end discrimination?

Allies can show their support of LGBTQQI individuals in several ways. They can learn more about the lives of queer people by reading, learning, and talking to individuals. They can be supportive and understanding of the coming out process. They can interrupt gay jokes and derogatory comments. They can march in a pride parade. They can vote against anti-gay measures that are on the ballot.

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