I want to come out to my parents, but I’m not sure how I should tell them.

There are several ways to come out to another person. Everyone goes through their own process, and comes out in whatever way feels the most comfortable for them. If you would like to talk about coming out or get more information, please come into the center. Our staff would be more than happy to talk to you personally and offer any advice they may have.

What if I come out to someone, and they don’t accept me?

This is a fear that everyone has and can be a very scary part of coming out. The Pride Center has a variety of information that can be helpful for parents, family, and friends who have had someone come out to them. We can also make recommendations for someone who is in a crisis situation and needs further counseling. 

My child just came out. Where can I go as a parent to get information and support? 

There are several places to get information and support. The Corvallis/Albany PFLAG (parents family and friends of lesbians and gays) is a good place to start. 
Corvallis/Albany Helpline 1: 541.928.6834 
Corvallis/Albany Helpline 2: 541.752.0889 
Daytime Phone: 541.928.6834
 Local Website: http://www.jam-assoc.com/pflag/ National Website: www.pflag.org

What is National Coming Out Day?

National Coming Out Day occurs each year on October 11th. It is a day to show the visibility of LGBTQQIA people, and offer resources and support around the issue of coming out. National Coming Out Day is held October 11th, in order to commemorate the first March on Washington by LGBTQQIA people, which occurred in 1987. The first National Coming Out Day was October 11, 1988.

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