Welcome to Kalmekak

Our Mission

Kalmekak Community Outreach provides and facilitates programs for pre-college students and families to promote a culturally diverse community and develop an understanding of higher education institutions. Additionally, Kalmekak supports and provides new students with resources to pursue their educational endeavors. Through culturally competent, educational, and informational orientations our mission is to promote an inclusive community.

Kalmekak Staff

From left to right:
  • Lizbeth Meza: DCE Leadership Liaison
  • Viviana Castañeda: Office assistant  
  • Cynthia Carvajal: Leadership Liaison
  • Alicia Osorio: Office Assistant
  • Diana Rojas: Leadership Liaison
  • Oscar Montemayor: Associate Director of Academic Success and Engagement
  • Alin Lazaro-Ortiz: Office Assistant
  • Yurissa Flores: Leadership Liaison
  • Marisol Cervantes-Guzman: Office Assistant
  • Erica Morales: Office Assistant

Kalmekak staff photo

    Our History

    In an effort to increase participation of students of Latina/o/x and Chicana/o/x and Indigenous background in the Oregon State University campus, at the end of April 1995, leaders from M.E.Ch.A, the Hispanic Student Union, student senators and individual students invited Oregon State University Officials to meet and acknowledge the progress and problems related with OSU's promotion of culture and racist sensitivity. As well as the provision of assistance and support to ethnic students, in particular those of Latino/a/x or Chicano/a/x and Indigenous/Pueblo background. At the beginning the pilot program was staffed by committed students on a voluntary basis. Now the pilot program has become Kalmekak Community Outreach Program.

    Our Programs


    Festivalito is an event which aims to build and foster community with an emphasis on higher education. It is used as a tool to recruit, retain, and inform underserved populations, particularly those who identify with the Latinx community, in a university setting.

    Kalmekak Kick-Off

    Our kick off is used as an event that allows us to start off the year and inform individuals about our office initiative and the resources that we offer. It’s also used as a networking event that students get the chance to know other individuals that are part of the Diversity Cultural Engagement and know what they offer as well.

    Mexican Revolution

    The Mexican Revolution event is geared towards honoring an important historical event in Mexico’s history. This is an interactive event where we inform students about Mexico’s history and have a discussion how it plays out in our culture today. During our event we enjoy a traditional Mexican dish as a way of immersing and connecting our audience even more into the Mexican culture.

    Agents of Change Through Law

    Agents of Change Through Law (ACTL) is a program for Oregon State University (OSU) students, Linn Benton Community College (LBCC) students, high school students, and community members to help them prepare for and pursue careers in law field. The mission is to diversify the legal profession by empowering underrepresented students with the proper tools to be successful in the law school application process while fostering the importance of community initiative and engagement.

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    Our Location & Hours

    Snell Hall
    Room 233
    2150 SW Jefferson Way
    Corvallis, OR 97331
    (541) 737–6712

    Operating Hours
    Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM–6:00 PM
    Friday: 10:00 AM–2:00 PM