Our ISCT leaders

Four student leaders with exceptional passion and commitment to cross-cultural communication are selected to serve as ISCT team members.


Photo of ISCT leader: Wendy

"My name is Wenqing and I go by Wendy.I’m currently a sophomore in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a minor in Theatre Arts. I grew up in Canton, China. I joined ISCT because I hope to promote diversity and celebrate every unique culture. I’m also a teaching assistant for ECE classes. I enjoy traveling and exploring the world. Also in my free time I like watching Netflix and going to theaters. I’m proud to be a global beaver."


Syed Arsal Rahim

Photo of ISCT leader: Syed

"Hello! My name is Arsal, but i go by “Syed” or “Arsal” and it’s a long story. I am a Graduate student at College of Business, pursuing my MBA in Supply Chain and Operations Management. I was born and raised in Lahore, one of the most lively city in Pakistan. I am very passionate about my position as an International Student Community Team Leader. I also work as an Event Manager for Memorial Union Guest Services, so you will be seeing me quite often around the Student Experience Center and in the Memorial Union. I love cooking food for my friends and family, and trust me I am very good at it. I can teach accounting and finance as well, so this is another incentive for you all to be a part of our community, Keep Calm and Be a Global Beaver!"


Photo of ISCT leader: Phebean

"My name is Phebean Adekunle, and I am a graduate student in the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies program. I was born and raised in Nigeria where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics/Classical Studies. My passion for social justice and community work are contributing factors that supported my decision to join this amazing team, ISCT. I am here to channel my strength towards making Oregon State University a bright, and inclusive space for all students, irrespective of our backgrounds. At the end, we shall all stand tall, brave, and be proud of our achievements as a student community. ISCT wants to recognize you; I encourage you to DARE TO BE A GLOBAL BEAVER!"


Photo of ISCT Leader: Noor

"My name is Noor and I transferred to OSU, from the University of North Carolina. I’m an undergraduate in College of Business, majoring in Finance. When I’m not studying, I do some designing, reading, and lots of watching crime shows. As an international student, more specifically, from Oman, I use every opportunity I get to involve in all kinds of diverse communities. That’s what got me to ISCT besides my hopes and efforts to engage with domestic and international students."